How the wind takes her today

To places of tomorrow, and faces of yesterday

She is hopelessly whisked away


However it is not the wind that controls this girl

For with a flick of the wrist and a finger to twist & twirl

She can make the wind dance, sing and swirl


For this girl has powers of extraordinary kinds

A witch indeed, with her magical minds eye

Though it is not darkness this witch seeks, but flight through the sky for which the wind speaks


But the winds of past years only whispered and groaned with little more than a creak

So it was that her powers grew ever more weak

But in recent times, perhaps just a week, She listened and heard the wind softly speak


Gently caressing her hair it told her

You needn’t worry, nor should you care, for I shall always and forever be there

For we are one and the same, and share the same name


And though I may have blew soft and cold, in times rough and old

The wind grows stronger everyday and eventually blows you to your truest way

Trust in the wind and the words that you say, perhaps then will you finally fly away


And with that, the wind disappeared into the long sleepless night

Singing its song under the faintly glowing moonlight

She cried and shouted for the wind to return and with that, did she finally learn

That the wind is within and shall always be akin to each and everyone