Come and go
Rowing a boat
Against the flow
I don’t know
Blue washes over
Sun shining bright
Crimson and clover
Im feeling alirght
So fuckin high
I see the light
Laying on a beach
Sky within my reach
Mind outta sight
Its almost night
I fly a kite
Sunsetting and im getting higher
Blood red clouds turn blue and black
Its getting late
Should probably head back
I light a fire
Reflect on desires
What to do and why
Wollowing in the mire
Of my muddled mind
It’s a thin wire
Connecting and disconnecting the dots
On a map i found when i was lost
Spots along a scenic way
Places to go someday
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Im late
Living on borrowed time
But my lifes sublime
I don’t know why
It comes to hang
Then waves goodbye
But i cant see
I let it wash over me
Let it be
The feeling always sets me free and gets me high
No need to try anymore
Dont want to think
Livins easy
In the ocean breeze