Feelin’ kinda shitty
O what a pity
Aint got no girl
Broke in a broken world
Reeling in a halmark card scheme
Sittin with my broken dreams
Valentines day
Fantasizing a nurse with a suture
Thinkin of a merry married future
25 years a loser
Tonight im a boozer
5 beers, 5 shots and im a winner
5 more and im a sinner
Valentines day
Hey hey hey
Had love true
False, lost and screwed
Right people at the wrong time
And that’s fine
Im alone and free
Stoned on me and almost never lonely
Valentines day
Ehh someday
The sun may not shine
Her heart may not be mine
Moon hiding in dark clouds
Heart beatin blue in a black shroud
But Im autistically optimistic
Still romantic and masochistic
Valentines day
So I drink my cheap wine
Eat for none and dine
On three leaf clovers
And stale leftovers
Love sick
Suck my dick
Valentines day
Fuck it