The Sun and The Rain


i can hear the rain

but I cant see it fall

all should be grey today

with an ever dropping call


not today

as ive just seen in the sky

the sun got its way

no matter how hard the clouds try


the rain pouring for hours

Melancholy memories begin to flood

clouds painted in grey, black and beige

Are penetrated by the suns golden rays


trying in vain

the rain falls all around

weighing me down

obscuring the lost and the found


sun light casts

as the clouds try their last

the sun reveals the sky

in a blue so vast


some might think it mundane

to stare up at such a sight

others might think it insane

for worshipping the suns revealing light


for me I see

nothing quite so clearly

than the suns glimmering route

as it shimmers gloriously through the dark cloud’s doubt


another day in washington

i say with a grin

as rain drops soak my clothes

and chill my skin


i wouldnt have it any other way

for today, I feel happy and content

With the sun an the rain