Chain smokin’

Powerless puffs

Chains of unchanging

High priced

But theres always enough

Budgets for m’ vices

In the midst

Of foggy crisis’


Broke and broken

Inside and out

loud laughs with a whispered shout

Lies on lies

Laying about in an empty bed

Need to lay

Get laid and live it up today



3rd day off

Three more to go

Til work and pay

More daze to trade

For a chance to get away


To a new way

True pay

Xp, being free and healing

True me

Smoke clears revealing


Breaks over

Back hurts

Back to work

Nicotine dreams

Over and over


Growin’ from shit

Feedin’ my grey tree

Take one last hit

A drag before the drag

White rising high

Towards the dark cloudy

Smoky skies