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Yellow Book


The yellowest poetry ever written


Thinking About You Thinking


I dont know, but i think i do.


Red Book

Red Book Cover 2

The reddest poetry ever written.


Romance Of The Damned


A beautiful destruction. 


Book Of Many Names


Poems in-between books. 



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is umbrella-1.png

Float on. Keep dry.



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is comeback.png

The Return.


Book Of Spades


Dig It!



Wrote cover

A neurotic horror novella.

Desert Of Dreams (In Color)

DESERT OF DREAMS Cover (Colorized)

Kaleidoscopic edition


Dark Days Black Night

DDBN Cover

Silhouette sword and sorcery.


Ones Adventures

Ones Adventures Cover

One goes Anywhere.


Book Of Diamonds 

Book Of Diamonds Cover Final

Gettin’ rich. Admiring the shine. 


Desert Of Dreams


A journey to the mythical garden.


Poetry For Passengers


Mundane trips down magical routes.


Circle Series

Circle Series Cover

Seeing it all round.


Book Of Clubs

Clubs Cover

Join the Club.


101 Meloncholy Remedies


Happy Happy Happy! A guide to lowly highs and delightful depression.


Mall Cop Chronicles

Mall Cop Chronicles

Consumed by consumerism.



Drawn Cover

Drawn in. Drawn out.


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