Blue skies

Blue seas

Secilia and her blue eyes

Secilia and her strange dreams


She’s one of a kind

She’s a thousand miles away

I know we’ll have our time

A million smiles someday


Blue daze

Blue dream

Secilia and her witchy ways

Stoned on secilia and her funny schemes


Rock n roll was our motto

Rock n roll was a way

Adventure on auto

No absence of words to say


Belu roaming

Belu rocking

Secilia and me going

Secilia and me talking


My best friend

My first mate

See ya at beginnings end

We’ll have ourselves a date


Secilia II


I was made to love her

Dream girl i’m a dreamin’

Awake in your eyes

Burnin with desire

Lost in your thighs

Finding out why

My brain gets so high

Why my heart beats fly

My gut says what?

And you say lets fuck

So yeah

Fuck yeah


Secilia III


Been livin’ and dyin’

in this world of love

Rain drops falling

Birds sing above

My hearts on fire

Lady your a cool cool drink

Put me out

Put me in

Push and pull

Into the holes

Of our lost and lonely love

Lets fill it with lust

And just fuck the past

Baby lets sin

Lets win

Lets live real fast

Live now

Live it up

While it lasts

Lets get down

Dance around

Fools everlasting

in the pale moonlight

Rock n roll sounds a boomin

Sailin’ into sunshine

Yeah, friends so fine

Who knew

We’d be lovers so divine

And baby I know

There aint no sleep tonight

Hard to dream when im lookin at you

When im looking at a dream

A dream so blue


Secilia IV


Weed, wine and whiskey couldnt get me much higher

Trippin on your love and the blue fire

Living in a fantasy

A witches brew

Sippin on your ecstasy

With every lick

Of your garden dew

Do you feel it

Feel it true

A love dirty and so full of blue

Got me feelin kinda funny

Your laughs so sweet

You smell like honey baby

Wanna kiss your feet

Wanna spoil ya lady

And spend all my money

Buy ya flowers, buy ya rings, buy ya lots of fancy things

But money cant buy your love

That and im broke as hell



Secilia V


Dance with me honey

Sing with me loud

Out of tune lil bunny

Kiss me baby yeah

Twist and shout

You make a winter day sunny

Yeah yeah yeah

Lets go wild pretty lady

Act a fool

Times two

Cmon pretty baby

Under the cherry moon

We aint got much time

Lets enjoy the lil moments

Fuck stress

Lets feel fine

Yeah, out of sight

Lookin so foxy in your red velvet dress

Cmon blue eyes

Be mine tonight

On the hill

Lets feel alright

So cold outside

Warm in your arms

Close the doors and make love all night

Oh yeah Girl

All night

Wanna feel the outside

While im deep inside

All night

Two pieces of

A perfect puzzle


Art in motion

Primal instincts and raw emotions

I cannot expr