Another day on the road

Just me and my van

Livin as free as I can

As a broke man


Dreamin up a hundred plans

then turn om the windshield wipers

Clear it all away

Try to live in the now


Enter peace and let it grow

Exit expectation and unknow

Lao Tzu and Buddha give me a piece

Desires be, desires go


I know I have cravings

Fires blazing for wild woman, whiskey and dro

Tryin to balance tho

I drive the line in a weed induced haze


Freeway to highway

Day to day

In a stoned daze

I know seasons are passing


Sitting on my ass and laughing

I look to the sky and face the void

Then back to the road

The truest of truths


To the horizon beyond and the broken vertical line

Uphill and downhill

I will dare

For the journey


That destination of mine

For my divine

We ride high

passed the endless line


Gypsy soul

With a hippy goal

Paying my toll to live easy and die free

Just gotta be


Peace, love and magick