January 2022


For a limited time only. Here is my all ages graphic novel about unity and the search for Something. Hope you enjoy. If you’d like to buy it, i’ll be selling this and many more on Amazon.com, under CJT X.




December 2021

Sweetest winter. 

What a wonderful time of year!

Been a couple months. Finished the card game physically and now just need to testplay more and edit some minor flaws in the print. Pretty satisfied with it and hope to introduce them here and elsewhere.

In other news, “One” is well under way and should be in print by the end of 2022. 100s of pages and much plotted out. I’m beyond excited to bring this to life and give it to the world.

Dont have much new to share, but i guess i had this sequel to the Passenger For Poetry series, laying around. It’s pretty minamlist in production value, but the story is there. Hopefully i can get some others transcribed soon. The show goes on.

Hopefully much more is too come. The work is here, it’s just not in the digital form. Fuck that though, i’m having fun creating at full blast again. Summers for editing.

Merry Christmas!!


Poetry For Passengers 2: Where?

September 2021

Sweet September 

Fuckin’ fall! Temps under 80 and skies with modesty. It’s a beautiful time in a nice place. What a strange age though. Got a new transcriber for the poetry that is promising. Found out my YouTube channel is banned. The game is about 90 percent finished and should be ready by Christmas.

God, i dream of winter. Lovely holidays. A lot of hope floating around above a sea of uncertainty. Mostly of the outside world and prospects of the next couple years. A fear of losing this nice little life i’ve come into. Lifes good and looks great. It’s pretty new to me and i’m learning to embrace the consistent contentment. Seeking how to cultivate these sweet things.

Yeah man. A lot of life comin’ up, but art as always is priotrity and theres an abundance of that coming soon. A new novel. A new edit of my first one. More poetry books. More limited prints of my books. The long awaited card game. Movie night reviews with friends. Hopefully a new outlet for my videos and i’m sure many more surprises.

Keep it yellow.


Yellow Book

August 2021


Finally summer is coming to a close. With a hot bang. Aint a season to be very creative. A good time for surgery though.

Recovering from that for the last few weeks. Healing while working on the most recent revision of my casino fantasy card game. Unpacking stuff, navigating broken institutions, doping up on pain killers, trying to quit smoking and just enjoying the simple love of this little insulated world built in my apartment. In the meantime between things being finished, i’ve been posting videos from the remnants of my film archive. From the annals of lost SD cards, broken phones, busted friends computers, corrupted files, comes the absolute worst of my film archive. Been doing a live poetry comedy biography, along with other podcasty shit at CJT_TV@TWITCH and CJTTV@youtube.com. Will be returning to film with the long awaited return to school (Gotta get that Adobe discount). Until then, it’s all about my fantasy novel and card game. Maybe a old poetry book transcription. Maybe some filler. Maybe I dont know.

It’s a new season. A new body. A new movement. A new home.

July 2021

Thinking and not

Been working primarily on a 300+page behemoth comic collection this month and last. It’s done and being printed. Probably not going to publish them here though due to extreme content.

So i figured i’d throw in some filler. I plan to compile all these shorts into a larger project in the future. Til then they make a easy quick thing to throw on here in a pinch. Really gonna try to keep up with monthly projects, but also focus on bigger ones that may never end up on here.

Got a surgery coming up, so i should have a lot of down time to work on stuff. Got a lot in mind. A lot sateliting. A lot to look forward to.



June 2021

Born colors

Gonna try to catch up on the rest of color series of poetry books. Written just before, in the beginning and middle of the pandemic. A time i needed to harness and cultivate passion. Truth in love and want. Technically the second book in the primary colors trilogy. Blue coming soon.


Red Book

May 2021

Romance of the Yeah

Love’s cool. I love you. I love love. This novel is not quite as loving.

Romance of the Damned is my magnum opus 13 book dark romance action adventure series, intertwining much of my own metaverse, with an inner vengeance inspired by the dark wicked world and a deep desire to see heads roll.

Love in the form of violent massacre of hate. Hate as a beautiful shadow of the love lost and lusts of death, The death of corrupt kings, evil Gods and loveable killers. It’s a romance in the precise definition of the word and it’s hideous inbred child. A twisted fucked up fantasy, not for the feint of heart. Not for any heart uncurious by the depths of abyss and the kiss deep in that darkness. .

Extreme reader discretion advised

Romance Of The Damned Cover

Romance Of The Damned

April 2021

Spring time dreamin’

Been enjoying a blur of creativity and a bloom of romance. Editing and messing around with some new old stuff. Many books transcribed and many 2nd drafts moving to a third and final. Some very interesting beginnings and fascinating ends.

Here’s a little content dump, while i edit my comic collection and drafting the ol’ novel. Among other things. Music, film, sexy collaborations, big pieces, poetry, weird drawings and little stories.

Feelin’ good. Hopeful. Fresh.

Book Of Spades (Dug up edition)

Book Of Diamonds (Unpolished Edition)

Desert Of Dreams (In Color)


March 2021

Bodies of work/ Bodies at work

With the card game done and delayed, due to testing and timing concerns (what kind of designer would i be, if i didn’t delay my game til holiday season 12/21/21). My focus will be shifting to finishing up loose ends and starting some new ones. Buddy has transcribed a few books, so i’ll be posting those shortly. Want to jump into film and/or animation in the coming months. I want things to move. Moving is good. Especially now that i can be still too and dance again.

Caught in a crossroads of many artistic interests and pursuits. Feelin’ things out and also taking a small break in ravenous creaiion to work on my body and enjoy some happy times. So much to do eh? Ain’t that the modern mantra. Trying my best and when not, i’m still trying. Just enjoying things too. Fuck it!

Here’s a small taste of content coming. Lots of Poetry books on the way. This one was written over two years, about two years ago. A lot of unsorted moments in-between other poetry books and other.projects. Didn’t know what to call it, so i called it a bunch of things.



Book Of Many Names


February 2021


Been perfecting the game in preparation for launch. Fine touches, formatting, editing and extensive organizing. Never put so much time into anything like this before. Excited to hold the finished final product and fucking move on. Really pumped to go back to filming, continuing my novel series, editing 100 different projects already done and/or whatever comes calling next.

Nearing the first finish line. This race is nearly complete, but the circuit is just getting started. Excited to ride hard, drive fast, go far and hopefully win. Whatever that means.

January 2021

Hands and Fate

Chess meets Poker meets D&D. Play 1 to 6 players. Battle, story, war, create and divinate. Play your way. Grasp your fate.



Available 3/21/2021

December 2020


Been pretty reluctant to show any unfinished work and at the same time, been working bigger then ever. March should bring the major releases I’ve been working crazy hard on for nearly a year.

A lot of great things aligning right now. New year seems promising. Maybe it can be perfect.

November 2020

Silent strands. Musical strains

Been another floaty uncertain few months. A lot of projects and work done, so that’s cool. Just gotta edit refine and release.

Trying to come back down to earth after some hardcore intense creative binges and manic movement. Trying to come back up. Rise and shine.

Been a odd beautiful melancholy time. A end to the cycle. Always figured the world would end in 2021. Praying for better beginnings. Lightning in a bottle.

The novel is finished, the card game is being printed, the second comic collection comics are complete and Blue Book and Yellow Book are ready for transcription. Come the end of lockdown or March (if it never fucking ends) I’ll be marketing like a madman and focusing more on outreach, then purely creating.

Make it. Then make it happen. Then hopefully make it big.

October 2020

Quitting Quitting

Some horror. Some horoscope. A lot of cards, movies, yellow and airports.

September 2020

Return to rain

I miss cigarettes. But eh they dont do well in rain and i probably shouldnt return to em. Oyvey!

In response, heres a micro visual story and a illustrated poetic short story. Some humble offerings, while progress is made on my dark romance novel and fantasy card game.

Cool stuff comin’.

August 2020

Mental stillness

A lot of setbacks pertaining to adventure plans, but it’s given me time to work on and finish up some projects.

Got a novella for ya’ll this month, while i finish up my novel series i’ve been working on for many many years. Excited to release it soon, with some finishing touches.

Got some other surprises coming soon too, as i re-acclomate to domestic life again. A new career in a new town.

Write on!

July 2020

Paths and tolls

What a strange chaotic time the last couple months have been. The plague shits pretty weird too.


Still in a state of wandering for another couple months., have had a couple weeks to rest and work on important shit (and some other stuff). Been surviving and humbled by the road to home. wherever the fuck that is, but the journey has been fun. Sort’ve.. Not really…

Got some new stuff up and hoping to release a couple more things before i dissapear again. Got a lot to do when i get back, but once i get a stable place for a few months. Expect a revolution in works. A cure to the corona. Every fucking thing you’ve ever wanted… and more.

2021 baby!!

June 2020


Some of the worst days of my life. Sleepless, homeless, old and cold. So many years to regret and no place to rest. No dreams. Not even tired ones.

May 2020

Novel/ Coronavirus

Cabin fever, finishing up classes and my first novel. Also been working on a card game and preparing my body and backpack for the PCT.

Thats pretty much it. Meditative quiet and serene forest lake stuff. Small and lonely trailer/house. It’s been humbling and productive. A little eerie with all the plague shit, but the peace here is something else. Just wish i could really stay.

April 2020

Gaming The Gamer 

Not much else to do. Moved out of the Hellhole vortex that is Olympia. Couch surfing with a few weeks at a cabin soon. Excited to be stable, but excited to be surviving too. Jobless and homeless is rather uncertain. Making a game though. Should be cool. Playing a lot of em. Meh, kinda boring, but yeah. Its all goddam game. Fuck simulation theory!

March 2020

Well Shit…

Yeah.. Fuck. No job, bouncing out of this town and hoping for the best. Weird times.

December 2019

Burnin’ the old. Kindling the new.

Been experimenting with new mediums and forms of expression. The shop is up, but will be truly live come 2020. Got some paypal and tech stuff to figure out. Physical copies and PDFs of the many books i’ve been crafting during the last year, will be finally available in their final form.

Thanks to anyone whose continued to follow this wild year of recovery. Hoping to make it all worth it in the coming year. The hole is nearly climbed.

In the mean time, drop by my live gaming/art streams. Midnight on weekends and random times during the week. Follow on Twitch at @cjttv9.

Also will be whoring myself out on social media and personalizing the cryptic nature of my presence. Expect twitter, FB and more instagram action. Networking and distribution, is the name of the game these days. Got a massive backlog of art and works that need to be released, before i move on to yet another project or mode of creativity. That and making money at what i love, is where i need to be. I’ve come to terms.

Consider supporting this work, by buying books, following the media and simply telling your weirdo friends.

Thanks again,


November 2019


What a wild and tumultuous time. Many plans scrapped, recycled and refurbished into new design. So many hours of content, deleted on the site.

Focusing on tangibility, with the near future. Investing in some things to take this work to the next level.

Come 2020 this domain will change names and likely its general activity. Got 6 books finished and ready to distribute.

Many other projects are on the way and others, just needing to be assembled. Excited for my art to be available outside a screen.

Hope you enjoy!



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