Burnin’ the old. Kindling the new.


Been experimenting with new mediums and forms of expression. The shop is up, but will be truly live come 2020. Got some paypal and tech stuff to figure out. Physical copies and PDFs of the many books i’ve been crafting during the last year, will be finally available in their final form.

Thanks to anyone whose continued to follow this wild year of recovery. Hoping to make it all worth it in the coming year. The hole is nearly climbed.

In the mean time, drop by my live gaming/art streams. Midnight on weekends and random times during the week. Follow on Twitch at @cjttv9.

Also will be whoring myself out on social media and personalizing the cryptic nature of my presence. Expect twitter, FB and more instagram action. Networking and distribution, is the name of the game these days. Got a massive backlog of art and works that need to be released, before i move on to yet another project or mode of creativity. That and making money at what i love, is where i need to be. I’ve come to terms.

Consider supporting this work, by buying books, following the media and simply telling your weirdo friends.

Thanks again,







What a wild and tumultuous time. Many plans scrapped, recycled and refurbished into new design. So many hours of content, deleted on the site.

Focusing on tangibility, with the near future. Investing in some things to take this work to the next level.

Come 2020 this domain will change names and likely its general activity. Got 6 books finished and ready to distribute.

Many other projects are on the way and others, just needing to be assembled. Excited for my art to be available outside a screen.

Hope you enjoy!
















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