Restless rythyms written on the wall

Faded paintings hang from the halls

Thru the door

I hear her calling


Meloncholy music moaning in the dead air

Magic reveries suddenly reappear

Always waiting

But she dont care


Wine stained poems written for her

Cigarette ashes in the cracked blue urn

On the shelves

By jounals burnt


Find that girl in every corner of my room

Running around rusty pipes above my tomb

Need to sweep

Dust off my broom


Her long hair tangled in a psychadelic nest

Poison perfume scent stretched along my desk

Cannot sleep

Her ghost never rests


All those reckless memories sewn to threads

Big blue sweaters weaved with deep reds

Old itchy gifts

Lay folded on the bed


Wanna paint her across the ceiling

Draw all the colors of my babys feelings

But she only wears black

With gold rings