Ghost in the Attic


Haunted by the past, of someone far and forgotten

Listening to the moans, of misery and melancholy

As they drift through, halls of a house so long

Calling out, they rip and tear like a lonely sirens song


Distant and sad as they seem

They draw closer, like a train nearing it’s station

Releasing passengers to the tracks, of their own

Once they were united as one, now all alone


The cries turn into a scream

As dreams once dreamed lose themselves, in the nightmares of yesterday

Fleeting violently, into the abyss of a dark foggy night

Echoes from within the attic, cast a desperate dreamers plight


How I wish I could make it go away

Calm the suffering of this pitiful soul and make it fade

The dread sounds subside for awhile, as I lay shivering in my once warm bed

A voice of longing, fades from a spirit long thought dead


So I stand, the shadow of man

Candle in hand, I walk across the creaky floor boards

To the staircase of a second story, left untold

Bridging the feared gap, between new and old


Step by step, I ascend the seemingly endless climb

Til I reach a decayed white attic door

placing my trembling hand upon its rusty handle

Suddenly a gust of cold wind rushes and snuff’s my barely lit candle


Darkness envelopes my once lit surroundings

No beacon to guide my way, amongst this bleak abyss

Panicing and cowerinh at the foot, of the rusted white door

Doomed to this frightened state forever and evermore


From below the stairs I can feel them stare

From cold depths rise their chilling air

The icy touch of unseen forces begin to grab and pull

Tempting me to embrace and become one, with the dark shadows soul


The cold hands slither and constrict ,upon my softly frozen body

I attempt to close my eyes and hope to wake once more

Alas this is no dream, but a nightmare of realities waking fear

Head in hands I tremble and shake, to these grounds fall a sacred tear


And from my lowly pitch black vantage point, do I finally spot

A faintly glowing blue light emanating, from below the attic doors panel

Before I can move and hope to stand

The door slowly creaks open without a single hand


The cold beings fade, as my eyes widen at the sight of light

Alas there is no candle flame or lantern illuminating

But the moons glow that enlightens all who would hear her call

Casting its morning light upon the long forgotten attic hall


I rise to my feet as my eyes finally meet what was actually there

No other, no boxes, no toys, nothing but

A mirror in the middle of a great attic space

Moaning tthru its phantom reflection, with an all to familiar face