Another shift

Swing shit

Machine hero

Employee 1200

Don’t matter the issue

Got no fear yo

Hear a call on the radio

“Trish to Chris”

We got a issue on bravo


Do you copy

“Chris to Trish”

I got the floppy

Comin at ya

Wit a troubleshoot

Triple reboot

Be there on the double

On my way

Til a pretty little thang

Wit two bubbles

Says hey

So I stay

Fix the slot

Then I’m off

Gotta earn my pay

3 minutes later

Arrive on the scene

Whip my key out

Trish tells me

What it’s all about

Frozen ideck 

I look and see

Open the machine

Replug the usb

That’s what it need

That’s how I do

Just another call

For mecca Nero 

Aka mighty zero

Mr. 12 oh oh

On that casino gogogo