Electric Yawn

Black mirrors and static fears

Reflect my moonlit introspection

Further inspections

finding no affection

In the psychadelic neon after lights

When my eyes are closed and dreaming

Blind to its lies a beaming

Finding myself brainwashed and scheming

I try to escape

In my mind

In time

Don’t want it to take my soul

Don’t want robot control

The life of a dancing dead

Dandily dull

With a heart full of content dread

A cog in a magically mundane machine

Diggin the scene

In my bed

Another world

Another girl

To take me away

From the false days

Rather live in this true daze

Call it crazy

But Im feeling too lazy

To fight the imbalance anymore

At peace with the pulsing pieces

Of a fractured animated frame

These rhymes and rythms getting lame

The more I talk about being tamed

Tis the paradox

Of living in the big box

Gotta survive

Gotta lie

If ya wanna live

If ya wanna thrive

In the new world

Of static wonder

Of electric wander