Diamond spade to dig up club hearts


Free pdf download below.

book of diamonds (unpolished edition)


Illustrations and tables of contents, comin’ for all three suits, by the end of June. For now, please enjoy them, in raw form.

Top 13

I like ranking things, almost as much as i like the number 13. So here is the first half of the first installment of Top 13.

All ratings are biased, but personally assured by totally good taste. Ive consumed a lot of media and always aspired to reach better and better entertainment. You’d be hard pressed not to find something to enjoy about the content in these lists.

If you have youre own lists, please leave em in the comments section.

Without further a do. Here are some lists.


Top 13 Anime Intros

Top 13 Movies

Top 13 TV Shows

Top 13 Manga

Top 13 Videogames

Top 13 Anime Series

Music Lists




Book Of Clubs


Casino circles in an ancient pyramid scheme


Book Of Clubs

Black Circle


Written in 2017, during a messy move, new job jive and muse blues. It is the second part of the Casino canon. Illustrations and a table of contents will be added within the month. Free pdf download available by clicking ‘Book Of Clubs” title link.


Illustrated stories, poetry, comics and art series

CJT Comic Collection Volume 1

Delirium Delights.Page0

Comics for the dead or dying


Circular Collection

10000 Faces.Page0

Infinite circles.

Book Of Clubs

InkedBook Of Clubs.Page0_LI

Join the club.

101 Meloncholy Remedies

Scan_20170619 (6)

List of small highs, for big lows.



Book Of Spades

Book Of Spades.Page0


Digging thru a house of cards.


Desert Of Dreams

Mask in flowers (cropped)

A masked figure wanders a wasteland, in search of life.


Mall Cop Chronicles


A holiday season in hell.



Scan_20170812 (18) b(1)

Collected and connected comic series