Christmas Blues

Christmas season

old cycle

poverty recycled

Poor me

cant be freed


Too broke for destiny

that the test to be

or maybe no reason

just punishment

For my treasons

i dont know

gettin hard to not care

carefree me

always worrying about money

barely born

a low class hippy

Scrapin thru

Fuckin’ christmas poverty



Cant afford to hang

Cant afford to bang

Broke and broken yeah


Dreamin’ is expensive

Daydreamin’ excessive

Broke and breaking oh yeah


Like a broken record player

This song repeats on shuffle

Broke broke broken oh yeah


Dont wanna hear it anymore

Cant take it anymore

Break break breaking on yeah


please lord

Gimme some money

Give me a door

Break me out

Break me more

Broke break breaking oh yeah


Something to live for

A life worth dying


Give me a break

No more breaking





Crying Cycle

Sinking Depression

Hopelessness and chains

Shit never changing

For the better


Its cold out

and inside

Roller coaster

Goin down

Down and out


Wanna break free

Be able to start again

without end


seems these dim dreams

are simply pretend

Dont know how to begin

While stuck in

The long loop






Nightlife knife fights

high as fuck and feeling right

white light and green weed

big booties and fat blunts

thats all daddy wants

thats all this nigga need

flexin might

planting seeds

sharp blades

big guns

dynamite dick

pimp shit

Knights code


Big chode

Kill a deuce and discard

drive away in a fast car

bitch im goin far

Ridin in a metaphor

starlight shingin bright

In the black lights

All Ways

Broke and broken

Workin another dead end

no pretending

im stuck


Limited and restricted

Prayin these chains

Be lifted

Til then im sifting

Treasure from garbage

in another daze work

not a whole lot

of other ways

quarter thru my full time days

Nickels and dimes



All Ways

Mall XVI

Almost filled this book

Hopefully these are some of the last entries

From the mall


Looking for other jobs

Kinda hard Without

gas money and reliable transportation

so im stuck here Again

Drinkin cheap beer

smokin my brand

Struggling but not starving artist

got no muse

Got no money

no home

To call my own


aint had much

but a bitter ass touch

Of the consuming world

of poverty


Have so much to express

little time and a lot of stress

Dress it up

in pretty lies and half smiles


Been awhile

Since ive been off

tribulations trying trials

Free of fucked fate


Oh well

Still will and do dare

break the broke pieces towards

Art from adversity





Still Poor

Got overdrafted today

twice in two weeks

get money

lose money



I should be sadder

Shit like this stackin up

cuts deep

When ya aint got much


tryin to brush it off

stay focused and optimistic

though life has me

tested and molested


still got mopey hope

faith in me

and gods destiny

just would be nice

to have a lil money


Mall Lot

Got no place to be

‘cept for here

right now

free as can be…


But i guess thats a lie

Trying to make money

20 dollar highs

at this dead end job


So its back to patrolling

This full time hour

this mall lot location

Til someday


Someway find a better vocation







Few more pages

Few more cages

Chains of unchanging

rusted in the winter frost

dust covered antique dreams

comin at high costs


Few more locked doors

whole lot more chores

rooted in blossomed poverty

crusty old schemes

to be free


Few more days

to rearrange my daze

getting there

getting near the end

of this book

of this year

of this long road


path is nearin a bend

signs say another crossroad

a split between

reality and pretend


been living in a daydream

now all i want

Is the day

fantasy to reality dreaming




The Pot

Seen so many faces

crowded spaces


chasin’ the dream

pacing thru schemes


lost in the blur

pot stirring


almost to a boil

stews nearly spoiled


but everyones so hungry

soup smells spicy


very nice and salty

Slightly dicey


might get get sick

but fuck it