Meloncholy Mantra

negative mantras

Its all that conjures

drawing from depression

Dark sides of the moon


Becoming consumed

dread always looming

dead inside

meloncholy blooming


Sound so emo

but Just got done crying

Want to end it all

Maybe after a bit more trying


Only grace

Is drugs and dying dreams

family and friends

I barely get to see


So fucking broke

Can barely think

Life raised its taxes

My destiny in the ground


No more waiting

This weight is crushing

Trying my best

In a chapter without rest


Tested by god

Definietly getting F’d

Maybe its for the best

Perhaps divine jest


All seems apart of something

Hoping someday it wont just be nothing

A new way

Outta old way



Lost my pen

Found a shitty one

under the break room fridge

Its runnin low

Drying out

Writings now faded

Seems almost symbolic

Of my life

Metaphorical strife




Mall XIV

Late to work

Car repairs


on top a shitstorm of small stresses

This is my life

At minimum wage


Risking my life

My time and ways

On frozen roads

For the lowest possible pay


7 more hours

Til im back on slaves way

White nigger

Tryin hard

For bigger credit cards

better daze tonight




In A Truck

Ford ranger i got

Broke on a snowy day

Van still fucked

From runnin round


Driving the family truck

Battery died yesterday

Life kinda sucks


Feelin low

Hopes were high

when i was high


I really want to be high


Still trying

Workin shit jobs

For shit oppurtunities

Holy shit am i trying


Patrolling a crowded parking lot

Stuck in the loop




North side ridin’

Tryin to find some crime

in the van mall parking lot

Killing all the time i got

In this little black book

cookin up schemes

Rhymes and hooks

Big booty dreams

On the white ass streets I look

now recognize


Officer chris

Droppin beats

Spittin licks

mall cop deadbeat

Feel the heat




Scene Seeing

Faceless in space

chasin an expression

runnin from depression

tastes of something sweet


in my sheets

an impression

of you and i

on the street


Opened eyes

Wide mouths

sealed sexy lies

our last night


A bitterweet view

Panoramic truths

that wont soothe

our restless souls






Where To Now

how original

another “where will i go” poem

Let me guess

“I dont know”

“With the flow”



Right down the sewer

Swallowed by the world

Shit out


Goin out

Out quite foar

And near


Even here

Who cares

its a fuckin poem

Not meant to be shared

No wonder

Wander still searchin

Page and hand

For home

True domain

New names



Less sad day

Meloncholy subsiding

Fears and follies hiding

still life fighting

riding a happy memory

hangin to the last reverie


interior lighting

end of the tunnel sighting

Seems almost blinging

til then

darkness and sin

seem inviting

nightmares and gin

doldrum dreams binding

timeline winding


feelin another down

another day passing

shift almost complete

one more round

around the down


Section 8

High dreams

low schemes

stuck nowhere

somewhere in between

shit job

seelin fucked

a ghetto home

smells like luck

may even inherit a broken down truck

perhaps theres hope

if not

At least dope

A long worn rope

to climb down

from the clouds

and out the hole

payed my tolls

heres to the whole

USA low man. oh man..

Sore feet

Outta beat

Thighs scraped

Highs scraped

No place to sleep

No place for me


Street rat

tired of these writings

modern tithings

dead end jobs

creative consistency robbed

Dwell in brief down time

to express

My hell


stress, sorrows and strife

dissatisfaction with this cog life

Impressions of the false idle

Thoughts of the suicidal


Days never end

No matter the prayers sent

the paths bend backwards

Only whats left

Gets fucked

into a circle


breaking the cycle

would take a miracle

and all i got

black magick and a broken spirit

Pack of smokes

Bag of bad jokes

The american spirit


Can you hear it

Native cries and white lies

Dont fear it

Adhere to the new revolution

Nigger evolution

The subliminal slave age

The quiet cage

all the rage

in the USA



Mall Mold

Bored at work


New shit

Fits like an old glove

No love


Ya better believe

New lows

Below rock bottom

guess thats goin with the flow

As far as i know

I say yes

Life says no

Oh well

personal hells

Runnin out of shit to sell

While trying to by

Drug highs and hugs