Illustrated stories, poetry, comics and art series

CJT Comic Collection Volume 1

Delirium Delights.Page0

Comics for the dead or dying


Circular Collection

10000 Faces.Page0

Infinite circles.

Book Of Clubs

InkedBook Of Clubs.Page0_LI

Join the club.

101 Meloncholy Remedies

Scan_20170619 (6)

List of small highs, for big lows.



Book Of Spades

Book Of Spades.Page0


Digging thru a house of cards.


Desert Of Dreams

Mask in flowers (cropped)

A masked figure wanders a wasteland, in search of life.


Mall Cop Chronicles


A holiday season in hell.



Scan_20170812 (18) b(1)

Collected and connected comic series





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