USA low man. oh man..

Sore feet

Outta beat

Thighs scraped

Highs scraped

No place to sleep

No place for me


Street rat

tired of these writings

modern tithings

dead end jobs

creative consistency robbed

Dwell in brief down time

to express

My hell


stress, sorrows and strife

dissatisfaction with this cog life

Impressions of the false idle

Thoughts of the suicidal


Days never end

No matter the prayers sent

the paths bend backwards

Only whats left

Gets fucked

into a circle


breaking the cycle

would take a miracle

and all i got

black magick and a broken spirit

Pack of smokes

Bag of bad jokes

The american spirit


Can you hear it

Native cries and white lies

Dont fear it

Adhere to the new revolution

Nigger evolution

The subliminal slave age

The quiet cage

all the rage

in the USA



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